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Here is a translation of Ueda's most recent Manual, 2010/08/10. The translation was not done by me, but by a friend with minor edits. There is of course no guarantee that the translation is perfect so please allow room for error. Please ask before reposting any part of this other than for personal use

Tatsuya Ueda

These are my diary entries from a few days before the start of MOUSEPEACE.
It'll probably end up really long but please read it anyway.

Auditions have come to an end and band practices have started! punch I still don't know what everyone's character is like, but first I need to make sure I can remember everyone's names.

The sound made by stringed instruments are really nice.
I more-or-less learnt the basics of playing the violin peacenosign

I went to eat with my guitarist from MOUSEPEACE on our way back. We talked about dreams. But guitarist-san was really bad with liquor. It was fun :D

Third day into the band practices, and everyone has become really good. I think everyone worked really hard for thisarrowup We're definitely not gonna lose punchpunch

I was touched by the guitar solo in Love in Snowsparkles,
when I suddenly realised that there was a slightly weaker guitarist standing at the back eyes and I couldn't really hear anything from him. He should have more confidence! arrowup

It's the full-dress rehearsals.
In our heads it's like we've all become really good, but it's just in our heads...

Come to think of it, every day has been about taking care of each other and enjoying music together. Yappari, I love music! heart1

When Marie Antoinette's dance was all decided,
we all ordered takeaways sparkles
And because we danced straight after, I ended up with stomach ache.

I'm slowly getting so excited that I can't sleep!
I'm really looking forward to thishearts

Un, I couldn't sleep due to the excitement.
I've been out playing with guitar-kun everyday.
When we coincidentally met Koki, he said we looked like brothers.
I introduced him to Koki and said "This is the guitarist from my band!"hearts

Somehow it feels like I'm introducing him to my dad kidding

I bought my first video camera! It already feels like an excursion.
I want to record them down - my fans, the backstage of this tour, and the image of our good relationship together :D

They're important memories to me.
I bought the video camera just to keep these memories.
It's Hokkaido tomorrow.
I'm getting really nervous and I can't sleep sleepy

I've been taking videos all the way since we left for the airport in high spirits this morning!
Tanoshii tanoshii la la laa-nnlovely

When the rehearsal ended
I said something disheartening to everyone.
It was the first time we stepped into the actual venue, and I felt like the results were bad.
Did I overlook something?
I felt like I made everyone feel disheartened as well,
but after that we sat down and talked, and everyone said lots of encouraging words to me.

I never expected that we could get so united within such a short period of time. Everyone is just too nice. Even the weaker guitarist from before encouraged me very strongly. Friends are great!

It's finally the real thing tomorrow, and it's a little scary.

Morning -

Tanaka Koki came.
I didn't expect him to really come all the way here.
I felt less uneasy when I got to see Koki. (laughs)
Maybe he's the healing type?

Before the actual thing -

I'm at the peak of nervousness!
It's the actual show before I even realised it.
It's okay.
I can do it, because I'm surround by people who are worth trusting.
I'm happy
Friends are really important
I want everyone to stand in a straight row and enjoy themselves doing the LIVE. (laughs)

The real thing -

All the uneasiness disappeared.
I felt really happy just seeing everyone who were here.
Everyone at the Hokkaido venue was...


I felt uneasy because there were no other Johnny's taking part in this apart from FiVe.
I was worried that people wouldn't come.
I had the urge to cry from the opening because I felt that everyone who came here supports me.

It's simply happiness!

But it's just gonna keep getting better!!!!
There're so many things to be improved upon.

But it's great to be able to end off the first show with a smile.
To everyone who came to Hokkaido today, thank you very much!!

I will never forget this day. I also video-recorded things wink
If I made you guys jump around too much and your muscles are now sore, I'm sorry ne kiddingkidding

Really, thank you very much.

We'll keep working hard to get stronger!!

What you just read is the sincere thoughts from my heart after the first show. Does it sound a little conceited? kidding

It's Fukuoka tomorrow.

When the first show ended, MOUSEPEACE and FiVe were also discussing new plans. When we are done with it, there will be a reunion.*



*this line is uncertain; he's talking about the next concerts though
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