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2010/10/02 - Kobe Memorial Hall
MousePeace uniting with FiVe Tatsuya Ueda LIVE 2010

concert report. thing.

This is ridiculously long, guys.

10/02 : 6pm

The concert begins with FiVe. I want to make one thing completely clear here: no matter whether you're originally their fan or not, FiVe are AWESOME. They always have been, and seeing them here was so fantastic idek. Anyway, the lights dim and FiVe begin to play.

I don't know the names of the songs, but they are fantastic live. The first song (which I call the 笑って笑って song since idk the title) is really upbeat and somehow, even though Nakaegawa Rikiya (Rikki)'s singing isn't fabulous, it's totally enjoyable and fun ♥ and okay, I really love watching Makino Koji (Makki) behind the drums because he is my Jeff and ilhim forever :<

After the 笑って笑って song Rikki says hello, we're FiVe, and then explains that in the next song he wants us to yell BANG BANG BANG! at certain points throughout the song - a sort of call and response thing. We do this, a little half-heartedly because we are assbutts, and after a while Uesato Ryota (looking way too attractive in his glasses *-*) joins in and they split the audience in half, competing to see whose side can BANG BANG BANG the loudest. They can't agree whose side is best and subsequently start squabbling between the two of them while Ishigaki Daisuke (Gakki) and Makki keep playing behind them. It continues in this vein for several minutes and ends up being kind of hilarious, especially when Makki scolds Rikki and Ryota off. "OIIIIIIIIIIIIII!! What kind of behaviour is this for Ueda's concert!" type thing. "I'm getting bored of drumming while you bicker!" He has a very cross face on and Rikki and Ryota look suitably chastised. (・_・) and (⨀_⨀) to Makki's !(ò_ó!)

Makki then decides that he can do better than both of them, and gets us to BANG BANG BANG! all together XD and then: "Apologise!" he says. Rikki and Ryota say nothing, looking sulkily at the floor - neither wants to be the first to apologise to the audience for being troublesome XD Makki yells at them, and the song ends with us laughing at them and BANG BANG BANG!ing with much more enthusiasm than before XD (Makki = my hero ♥)

They then jump straight into the 手をつなげよ song! Rikki MCs quickly about "everyone loves Ueda, right? Everyone loves KAT-TUN, right? I love KAT-TUN too :D I ate dinner with KAT-TUN this summer" (duh, Rikki, FiVe were the band playing with KAT-TUN on their tour, of course you'd eat together XD) and then the song starts in earnest, and we all hold hands for the chorus and sing 'te wo tsunage yo~' over and over and over and over and over, all holding hands, singing over and over and-- and then FiVe start talking over us because we're not loud enough (XD) so we sing louder (Rikki: more!! Louder!! MORE!!! …shut up.) and then there's no music at all, just the whole arena full of fans holding hands and singing "手をつなげよー" over and over and over before the band kicks in again. (Everyone's arms were aching by the end XD)

FiVe's final song has no audience participation and I have no idea what it's called because the only lyrics I can remember are that the chorus has a bunch of words ending in the い sound (like 歌い) and there are さようならーs… but it's so heartfelt, and Rikki sings really passionately and hearing it makes me go all shivery because I love it ♥ My friends turned into FiVe fans from the few songs they played at the start of these concerts - and their interaction with Tachan is just so wonderful that you can't help but love how well they all seem to get on :3


…a bell starts ringing (think like a church bell) and the stage is all dark. A video starts playing on the screen and my god is it ever creepy. There's a little dark-haired western girl in a white dress in a dark night-time wood, and in the distance a wolf howls and owls hoot… (•_•) and suddenly before her is an intensely creepy elderly man with a well-trimmed silver beard and smart clothes, and he invites her back to the castle where the Prince resides. I mean, it's supposed to be ominous and creepy and omg it works so well. Even down to the old man's fake English accent and how he delivers the lines dkagjhakdjhga.

Anyway, the girl follows him to the castle which looks a lot like the mansion from YamaNade and lightning flashes on the screen/is imposed onto the sheets covering the stage, and the wind blows… and braziers down the centre of the stage flare into life one at a time. A lone figure is illuminated by the spotlight and a long saxophone note wails into the air - it's Akiko-chan, Tachan's kouhai and the MousePeace saxophonist. She plays a phrase on the sax and then the focus goes back to the main stage where dramatic music and things sound and it's all very grand *-* and then…

…the opening notes of LOST start to play, while the stage is still covered. The guitar kicks in, and with a crash and explosion of fireworks the sheets drop and Tachan is on his regal couch on top of a raised platform, singing LOST. He's wearing the stupid white outfit and his big sunglasses, and as the song progresses he makes his way down the red-carpet-covered steps - there is fanservice with both Masami and Mayu-chan - and arrives on the main stage partway through the song, where he yells a welcome to the fans and dances and sings through the rest of the song.

Next up is Rabbit or Wolf? and idk how many of you saw the original performances with the cute bunny and wolf cartoons on the screen behind him, or fancams? It's a different video this time, kinda creepy and awesome *-* The video implies a much more modern setting and blurs the lines between whether or not the rabbits/wolf are human a lot more - poison bottle and houses and wheels and spinning designs, seriously cool *-* Another cute thing worth mentioning is that when the lyrics go "What a bother!" (and they are 'what a bother', and that's what Tachan sings) the screen goes "What's a bother?" ♥
Then Ueda does his ridiculously hot sprawly lazy messy-hair thing where he rolls his head around and the dancers are beside him while MousePeace and FiVe continue to play. The arrangement of RoW is rather different for these lives, adding Akiko-chan's sax to the mix and the whole thing sounds really kickass *-* and then near the end of the song Tachan pulls off his sunglasses and sticks his tongue out and everyone in the audience screams (XD)

お腹がすいたよ!Tachan tells us all he's hungry and then we break into 腹ペコマン which is so much bouncy wriggly fun and the chorus and dancers are all yelling and jumping around and it's basically awesome. During the bridge Tachan and the dancers all get together in a group and sort of… catwalk… down the centre stage and pose and jump about and then have ridiculous amounts of fun XD and on this day the timing between Tachan and FiVe/MousePeace got a little wonky but when they both caught up with each other (lol ♥) we all ended with a massive jump together XD \o/ Yay! Tachan has to pull his pants up because he jumped too much and he doesn't want them to fall down onstage. XD;;

Everyone having fun, Kobe? Tachan says hello and we chat for a while. He is so much fun and so energetic and listens to what the audience say and replies (when he can hear, lol - there's a lot of "eh?" when he can't hear what's being yelled). After a short while he asks if we would please listen to Love in Snow and one of his new songs, Friends, and when you listen to Friends can you please clap your hands? Okay, 見てください、Love in Snow.

…which is beautiful. I mean, of course it would be, it's Love in Snow, but of course his voice has matured so much since 海賊版 and the confident softness with which he sings is just breathtaking. White 'snow' falls from above and the arena is filled with the blinking of fans' penlights as soft light falls on Tachan while he sings up towards the snow. There's a pause while we all get over the fact that we just heard Love in Snow kjghadkjfha and then Friends begins.

Clappy hand time! Tachan goes from one side of the stage to the other and interacts with fans in the stands at the edge of the stage, and bops about with the dancers, and with Mayu-chan and Masami too. We all la-la-lalala-la-la-la along with him and clap, and then carry on la-la-laing with the band playing while Tachan dances about XD

The screen starts playing another scene from the castle story again, and by this time the little girl is inside the castle with the creepy butler. The interior of the castle is pretty nice, albeit a little too empty. She sees a corridor that they turn away from and asks what's there, and the butler/creepy uncle tells her it's the forbidden door, and she will promise never ever to enter it, won't she?

Of course, she says, and then promptly looks through the keyhole. Brat. Her visible eye through the keyhole goes wide (O_<) because she has seen… Le Ciel! This strange blonde prince with his face tilted upwards and his hand held high in a dramatic pose :o Who can this be?! Who is the angel Le Ciel? (Obviously it's 2002-2003!Tachan and it's hilarious and I love it to death 8D)

The dancers, dressed in pre-Revolution-esque French style finery with beautifully arranged hair, dance a strange marionette-ish dance (which is gorgeous *-* with red and purple lighting) which is both opulent and fake at the same time…? I'm not sure how to describe it. After their dance FiVe and MousePeace start playing (and they've changed clothes too - Masami is wearing a sort of court jester outfit X3 ♥) and then this 'dark angel' comes down from the skies; Ueda has black wings and is dressed all in mourning black. This is the prelude to deep red drop, which is completely heartbreaking. Fans are pretty much agreed that this is the tragic ending of Romeo & Juliet or at least very similar in theme. Anybody who says Ueda can't act could do with watching his performance of this. Dressed in black with the courtly marionette dancers around him, Romeo sings his heartbreaking song and ahead of him on the central stretch of stage, his bride dressed in white collapses and dies.

The look on Romeo's face as she dies and he processes her death is making me cry writing this report even now, 10 days later. His face was filled with a despairing, bottomless anguish; a total dead hopelessness, as though everything meaningful in his life has crumbled and he can't even find the strength to cry, so great is the intensity of his shock and grief. The music shifts to a strange almost music-box quality and he and the dancers go through this robotic, puppet dance, moving without soul or emotion because there is nothing left but automatic mechanical reactions. Romeo climbs to the top of the stairs, leaves the dancers (and Juliet's corpse), and throws himself over the edge. The dancers continue this almost macabre dance while the thudding music plays on.

(In case you couldn't tell, I love this song more than is rational.)

teen's is up next, and Tachan is back, changed into a black outfit with a blue jacket while the screen at the back is all sparkly and optimistic - we'll make it, right? ♥ Then it's MC time!

The MC on 10/02 was adorable XD Tachan introduces Masami and we all say how cute he is (can you believe he's 30? I can't. Boy doesn't act like it, lol) and he gets embarrassed XD Masami has a mic too and they chat together for a while and introduce the other members of MousePeace and talk with FiVe some more. Tachan talks about us yelling 仕事しろっ! so we helpfully do that, and they discuss whether or not it's too much and doesn't it make you feel bad to have them yell at you like that? This somehow leads into talk about whether or not Tachan is S or M, and FiVe agree that Tachan is not only M but is, in fact, Do-M. Cue "Ehhh?!" from Tachan and a lot of laughter from the audience. "But I get people do to what I want!" Tachan protests. We all go "wooooooo~~~~" and laugh at him and he gets flustered and behaves in a very M-like manner. Tachan you have sooo been busted 8D

MC continues and it's time for the slideshow of pictures from Taiwan. On the big screen are pictures of his jump - which is really, really high - and he talks about it: I was so high-tension and the crowd was so high-tension too! I really wanted to jump! He jumped soooo high though. Why isn't the floor here yet? Yabai! Then there was a photo of him landing, and he helpfully provided onomatopoeia as a sound accompaniment, "g'shaa!" Ow. D8

It was at this point that a fan yelled out, どうでした? How was it? How was it?! Of course it was painful! It was never going to be g'shaa - aa! kimochi! (and never in my life under any circumstances did I think I would hear Ueda Tatsuya go 'aa! Kimochi!' live LMAO ♥)

We talk about this some more, and then Tachan tells about how his feet are much better now and look! Look! Cameraman-san, come here and film my feet so that everyone can see! He struggles to get his shoes off and leans on Masami in order to take his boots off, and then comes to the edge of the stage so that the cameraman can closeup on his feet and we can all see that he's fine now and can wiggle his toes and everything. Thank you, Tachan. Never change ;o;

…and we then return to the member shoukai. After Tachan has successfully put his shoes back on again. The violinists, Tsukasa and (someone whose name I didn't get), Keiko and Miyato the cellists (cellolists/terrorists lol), dancers Ayaka and (Hiromi??-)oneesama. Oneesama is really lovely and I struggle to remember her name just because she's Oneesama XD There are the MousePeace dancers and the chorus too (Miya and somebody), and the others (aside from Akiko-chan on sax and Miyu-chan and Masami on guitar) I didn't get.

Anyway, when Tachan is introducing the violinists and cellists, he and Masami say that they can play a little! So they climb up to where the musicians are and hijack an instrument each - Masami on cello, Tachan on violin, and… play… a really awful rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. To be fair, it's not like either of them have had actual proper lessons, but XD;

More member shoukai, and Mayu-chan is forced to speak XD She just awkwardly says "ありがとうございます" and everyone yells "かわいい!" and then Tachan goes "woo!" and we all "woo~" back. idek I love Mayu-chan a lot. XD

There is then a rather peculiar segue about dogs which then somehow degenerates into Ryota telling Tachan that a ちんちん should be referred to as おちんちん (i.e. be respectful when referring to a penis) - this is something to do with Ryota being 変態くん (Hentai-kun) and I'm not entirely sure that I got all of it but it was definitely bizarre and out of place anyway >_>; normal Tachan randomness XD

Staff-san then bring out a keyboard, and Tachan plays the Romeo & Juliet theme ♥ and is accompanied by some of the string musicians, and then Makki joins in with the drums towards the end *-* ♥ Tachan then asks us to sing along with him playing 花の舞う街, which we do, and the stage screen pans out to film the fans singing along while Tachan is looking amazing while playing the piano accompaniment. ♥

Then Tachan says that he's going to sing a song about Okinawa - of course, it's 育ち島, and Masami plays his shamisen while they all sit on the stairs and sway and sing. The screen at the back has a sort of slideshow-type affair with pictures of an unknown boy (presumably meant to be Tachan since it's about his childhood in Okinawa) swimming and fishing and spending time on the island ♥ It's a really lovely simple song with such a summery feel :D which is just like it's meant to be! Perfect ♥

We then go back to the creepy castle where there is an omnipresent ticking of a grandfather clock, and the little girl heads outside with her teddy bear into the night. She's looking around and then BAM, suddenly the creepy butler appears with a WHERE do you think you're going, little girl? Apparently wanting to play with the kind and gentle prince is a major no-go during the night time; in being dragged back to the castle the girl drops her teddy bear and when we return to the stage the bear is sitting alone in a pool of light at the front of the central stage. The bride (who died before as 'Juliet') picks up the bear and carries it up to the couch (which is back at the top of the steps again).

The music then shifts to this… I am not sure how to describe it. It's like there's a woman breathing heavily/moaning alongside the music …? It's very um. >///< and then we get to see Prince Tatsuya in what looks like a porcelain bath to one side of the stage, ostensibly naked and being tended to by his servants who help him wash and hold a towel when he gets out of the tub. He then goes behind a decorated screen that covers him from mid-chest down and the servants hand him clothes/help him dress - trousers, a white sleeveless shirt, black lace gloves - and when he's dressed the Prince steps out and strips the servants of the white towel/apron outfits they wore to help him bathe, and he heads up the steps to the couch on top where he lies down across Oneesama's lap and beckons her closer. Oneesama unfolds a white feathery fan and fans the Prince a couple of times before lowering her head and using the fan to hide their faces as she gives him a goodnight kiss, and the Prince rolls onto his side and faces the audience as he pretends to sleep.

Of course, this is Marie Antoinette! It's fantastic, with the servants offering Tatsu-Antoinette all manner of things - cake, lobster, hats, god knows what else - and they dance, and they bring new clothes for the Prince to try on and shine his shoes (he puts his foot on a servant's lap as she kneels on the floor, and she shines his shoes for him). The lyrics are all in English with the girl's voice over the top of Tachan's voice (and the screens at the side helpfully cut to another angle when he has trouble pronouncing the words properly X3 ♥) and of course he kisses the teddy bear which is by the couch~ Then the ticking clock is back again, and as Marie Antoinette ends the music cuts out altogether (and Tachan sticks his tongue out like a little kid akjgahasafrsdg).

There is a change here, which not only shows the end of Marie Antoinette but also the end of her/Prince Tatsu-Antoinette's frivolous, selfish reign. In 1792, the revolutionary mob broke into Tuileries Palace and killed the guards protecting the French royal family (including the real-life Marie Antoinette). This is worth remembering, because the audio on-stage at this point is very dramatic, with sounds of a mob, orchestral music with cymbals crashing as the servants hurry the Prince away, all trying to keep him safe from the impending danger. As the servants flee there is an explosion, and one servant falls. Another sound: metal-on-metal, and another servant falls as though slashed with a sword; the servants continue to die and Oneesama, the last remaining servant, finally pushes the Prince away back up the steps as she tries to flee and falls to her death. The Prince scrambles up the steps, terrified, and clings to his teddy bear as the sounds of the mob grow closer, and the dramatic scene ends with the Prince collapsing onto the couch, dead, while the main screen behind him flickers with the light of the fires that are burning his palace and flames burst into the air.

(Side note for those who didn't know: the 竜 kanji of Tachan's name can be read as 'dragon'.) Shortly after the Prince dies, a dragon of fire rears its head from the flames on the screen, and it is angry. You can kill the selfish Prince, maybe, but the dragon that is Tatsuya is immortal! The dragon on the screen breathes fire and Tachan begins to move, coming back to life and the flames from the dragon blast into the hall as fire shoots up from the stage. The stage on which the couch stands slowly moves forward as the angry dragon!Tatsuya breathes fire and he rolls his head back on his neck and roars.

The dancers return, dressed in blue and standing together as cooling water lessens the fire of Tatsuya's anger. They dance together and swirl around with their floaty pale blue dresses and gentle music plays… but it takes more than that to calm the dragon! He roars and fights back with fire, and the two forces battle each other as the stage section moves forward. Finally, Tatsuya climbs down to join the dancers and the fight ends with both fire and water shooting high into the air - the dragon is tempered, but never fully tamed.

Tachan then sits on a chair that comes out to meet him, and as the lights dim he zooms backstage as the stage hands push him (best way of getting backstage ever rofl) and the stage reforms while FiVe and MousePeace play an instrumental break.

Then it's time for 遥か未来へ! Tachan is back in his blue vest/jacket over his black outfit, and the screen at the back goes all sparkly and I really, really love this song! It has such a lovely feeling and ties in so very well with the next song, which is…

ニートまん! NEETman is SUCH A FUN SONG. Tachan is at the top of the steps and pulls his Rilakkuma costume on over his clothes right there onstage, and wriggles about and dances and jumps like he's having the absolute time of his life! And of course we all are too, because he looks completely adorable and ridiculous and SO HAPPY that it's impossible to feel any differently. The steps turn into a ramp, and he slides down it on his stomach, bare feet first and sprawled out on the floor. He rolls around on the floor and tries to do a backwards roll (and fails), and drags himself forward (slowly~ go my pace~!) until the dancers forcibly strip him of his Rilakkuma costume and make him grow up and be a responsible adult - but no worries, because he's painting his grand future at his own pace~! Then he decides that we should all wave our arms around in circles like windmills, and theeeeen JUMP!

After this is a brief moment where we all catch our breath and Tachan talks to us, to say thank you for coming, etc. He's a bit sweaty at this point and after the bouncy hyperness of neetman his voice is so soft and lovely to listen to ;o;

愛の華 begins while Tachan is standing at the front of the central stage, with the water jetting into the air and cooling everywhere. His voice is breathtaking, and yes, he sings live and is just… amazing. I'm running out of superlatives. Everyone is pretty KO'd after that, and then the 花の舞う街 begins… and as the song kicks off there is a bang and silver and blue streamers shoot into the air! They all have 'MOUSE PEACE uniting with FiVe Tatsuya Ueda LIVE 2010' written on them, and the atmosphere is so happy because it's hanamau (which is in itself such a lovely song), and you can't help but feel a light happiness when he's singing this song ♥ Then feathers start to fall - blue, turquoise and white - and at the end the audience all sing 'la la la, la la la, la la la la la la la la~' to the tune of hanamau while the band cuts out :D

It's the end, so MousePeace all line up together and bow, and (without his mic) Tachan yells ありがとうございます!!♡

But we don't want it to end there! Of course. So, we call out for an encore and Tachan and MousePeace and FiVe all return :D アリーナ生きるか?スタンド生きるか? Arena, stands, are you still here? Are you still alive? Back and forth, arena-stands-stands-arena-stands-arena all yelling to prove that we're still alive XD and then the music starts again. As Tachan sings ヤンキー方想い中♡ while throughout the hall these giant white balloons with the 腹ペコマン face are slowly inflated more and more and more…

I'm a little bit blurry about when this happens, but it's around this part of the concert that Tachan gets down from the stage and runs into the crowd. He heads into the arena and then up towards the stands near the H block and because there are no barriers or anything, everyone goes holyshit omg what. He jumps around with the fans there in the arena/stands area! Meanwhile I'm clinging to my uchiwa going DDDDDD8 omg please be careful of your foot omg please be careful omg... because I basically don't trust him to take care of himself lol and could only really breathe freely again once he came back up onto the stage and resumed singing yankee kata.

…and then there's the member shoukai again XD and Tachan introduces FiVe first ♥ and then the other members of MousePeace (and we all clap in time as they do a little solo jam/dance as they're introduced). Ueda pauses when it's time to introduce him ("MousePeace and…!") and we all yell 上田竜也!!

…and SO. While we are all yelling お前が好きだよ!! at Tachan and he's jumping and having a great time, suddenly the balloons go BANG!! and hundreds of smaller balloons tumble down, and there's a massive scramble to get them (in which I did not participate because I didn't want to die, lol). The balloons have candy inside with the same 腹ペコマン face on them (よだれまん; drooling man (lol)) and I still haven't eaten mine. There is a lot of jumping. I don't think I'm able to explain here just how much jumping there is. It's like Ueda turns into a kangaroo for the last 15 minutes - first three jumps, then five, then 10, then 20… etc… and then we end with one jump, one big one where everyone jumps together and BAM! there are fireworks and it's the end, and where did the last 3 hours of my life just go? Was it really that long? Is it really over?

Ah well, at least there are two more concerts tomorrow :D The 12pm and then the tour final at 4pm. I wish MousePeace would never have to end!

The 10/03 reports can be found here :D
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