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Nov. 18th, 2009 08:05 pm
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they're really really lovely people at the hospital, seriously, so kind ;~; ♥

when i had my operation under general anaesthetic (where they stuck metal in my elbow to hold bits together) i went into shock when i came round. i was shaking and crying... i wasn't scared or anything, it was just my body's automatic reaction. apparently it's not uncommon but i'd not experienced it the last 4 times i went under general anaesthetic =/ 5th time lucky?

actually, it was pretty funny. when i woke up, i glanced at the nurse sitting with me in recuperation (whose name is hilary) and said, "is it okay for me to be awake?" so she said "yes" and i... burst into tears.


because kusano is no longer in news.

no word of a lie, i wasn't aware of anything - not who i was, why my arm hurt sfm, what i was doing there (or even where 'there' was) - but i was utterly heartbroken that news is without their notti. after a moment, because i was shaking and my teeth were chattering and i was crying so much, they gave me 6 somethings of morphine (out of the 7 allowed) and put what is known as a 'bair hugger' on me, and eventually i calmed down, and stopped breathing.

obviously, i am breathing again now XD; but morphine acts as a respiratory suppressant amongst other things, so.

v-suke has already explained much of what happened here. after she (and my parents) left, my pseudo-sister (the lovely nurse who is nicer than my actual sister) jacqui took me to the ward where i'd be spending the night (please notice that i do not use the word 'sleeping'). i drifted in and out of sleep from 2am-7am (mostly 'out') and, i dunno, had lots of painkillers and then at 4pm dr. raoul (sadly not an aizawa-sensei but an acceptible substitute) said i could go home, so i am back here at v-suke's again. ♥

does that mean i'm going to make a full recovery? sadly no :( i won't be able to properly straighten my right arm ever again, and i'll be more prone to arthritis in my elbow, and i'll probably need 3 months off work in total... but i'm determined to work hard on my physio, so hopefully it won't be so bad after all!

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE WHO'S SAID/DONE ANYTHING FOR ME RELATED TO THIS. i am still largely out of it but in a rather large amount of pain (despite the codeine) and my blood pressure was omg-how-are-you-still-conscious!low earlier so i am just going to sort of flop here for a bit until the next batch of painkillers walk into my mouth or sth. I promise, if i haven't already commented i will, asap. just, not tonight ♥

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