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originally written: 2009/08/23; updated: 2010/10/19; imported: 2010/10/24

This has turned from 'brief Ueda introduction post for a friend' to 'actual pimp post' and oh god, there is so much here. Hello!

Beginner's Guide to Loving
Ueda Tatsuya

Let's begin! )

Feel free to join [livejournal.com profile] captain_u or to watch [community profile] uedaaday~

Credits for information, scans, translations etc.: たっちゃんのカケラ, 上田竜也のBOXING ROOM, snowaltz/konoaida@LJ, jone_records@LJ, SleepyUeda, daphuni@LJ, captain_u@LJ, creamy_amande@LJ, drphoenix@LJ, _rainbowtears_@LJ, mamechichii@LJ, resha_hime@LJ, tsukimichi, KAL, baidu

Other places and posts worthy of note:
Taguchi Junnosuke~
[livejournal.com profile] orewajoker - Tanaka Koki fan community
Nakamaru Yuuichi~
Kobayashi Ryoko!
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2010/10/03 - Kobe Memorial Hall
MousePeace uniting with FiVe Tatsuya Ueda LIVE 2010

concert report. thing. part two.

Still ridiculous, not quite so long. In places.

12pm )

4pm )


To ともちゃん♡ and the girls who were so kind to us in Kobe, 本当にありがとう♡ To あや and クラ for being alongside me the whole time, ありがとうございます。To Vix, Titti, Becs, Soph, Serenna and all my friends who wanted to go to his lives this year and couldn't make it, let's hope there's another round of MousePeace in the future, ne? Love you guys. ♥
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Going! (for dream) tonight - well, the flight is in 6 hours' time, and I'm not taking Joanna with me so I will be incommunicado until the 7th when we get back to Singapore. :D Advanced happy birthdays to [livejournal.com profile] mklia, [livejournal.com profile] ravyn_ashling and [livejournal.com profile] kytez and I won't wish [livejournal.com profile] mamechichi a happy birthday because she will be dead. X)

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Junno is molested for being blonde under this cut. )

Clip credits: KAL@gb via JOR@lj

I love how Junno is totally okay about being attacked by his own team. ♥

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