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Thanks to Acchipasta, Peyton and Sophémon ♥ No thanks at all to Tachan for being a brat and using kanji I needed help with =_=*

作詞:上田竜也 | 作曲:黒須克彦 | 編曲:Toyonobu

FRIENDS kanji + romaji )

作詞:上田竜也 | 作曲:重永亮介 | 編曲:川口圭太
Notes: This is a really heartbreaking song (._.) Words in parentheses (like this) denote what is actually sung.

Deep Red Drop kanji + romaji )

Lyrics & Music: Tatsuya Ueda | Arrangement: Eiji Kawai
Notes: For anyone who doesn't understand what (or who) he's on about, here is a Marie Antoinette reference link.

Marie Antoinette lyrics )

作詞:上田竜也 | 作曲:黒須克彦 | 編曲:MOUSEPEACE
Notes: This differs slightly from the lyrics sheet handed out. He sang one line differently both days so I'm taking that as the 'official' order - and yes, the kaomoji are on the sheet too!

Neetman kanji + romaji )

Feel free to use this to translate into whichever language you want but please don't ask me to, because I'm not skilled enough. x_X Please point out any mistakes you find ♥
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Here is a translation of Ueda's most recent Manual, 2010/08/10. The translation was not done by me, but by a friend with minor edits. There is of course no guarantee that the translation is perfect so please allow room for error. Please ask before reposting any part of this other than for personal use

Tatsuya Ueda

Tatsuya Ueda Manual.47 )

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